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Let's listen to the Heart.

Some Saints or Spiritual Scientists tell us that this 'Creation' or 'Film' is presented before our 'eyes', to learn or
 to remind us what love is.

Below, we suggest 3 movies:
a) 10 Animals that Saved Other Animals

b) The best speech you'll ever hear – Gary

c) The documentary that
we should all see: Earthlings

The video clips a) and b) are suitable for all audiences, c) only suitable for strong.

If we listen and follow our heart, we may find happiness.
Happiness is God.
The Fivefold Path prepares us in body/mind and prepares us to see, listen and feel a little more.
Are you ready to follow
 your heart?


Most respond or react when listening to a sentimental song, especially sensitive people. Why?
There is simply an emotional component in our constitution that resonates. Some call it an 'emotional body'.
Is this important to us?
If our ability to feel is neutralized, we can become a robotic machine without feelings,
whose behavior can be disastrous
If we observe the animals carefully, we notice that they also 'feel'. There will be
 some who will say
 that animals do not feel.
We already know the saying "eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel".
Fortunately, thanks to technology, virtual vision, through TV, internet, etc., today, we can see a little
 more than usual.
So, there is a chance we can also feel a little bit more.
Let us recall that the basic teachings of many religions are:
1) Learn to love God
 above all things
2) Love your neighbor
 as yourself.

The other laws (rules) of conduct are sides effects:
 do not steal, do not lie,
do not kill, etc.
Not only religion, modern science also speaks of a primary cause of all things and a great force ("Love"), which creates, sustains and recycles the components of creation.

Your comments, questions, suggestions and stories for the Homa Newsletter are welcome;
You can write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan: terapiahoma@yahoo.com  Thanks!



Dr. Humberto Lema
Armenia, Quindío, Colombia, South America
Extracts from a Radio Interview
in the University Quindío

        Homa Therapy is a Science of Healing and comes from Ayurvedic Medicine. I studied conventional medicine, but I have been practicing Alternative or Complementary Medicine for 24 years. With Homa Therapy, Healing is TOTAL.
 We are in the times of rebirth of ancestral knowledge.
     The Fire element is the one that governs the heart, the digestion, the small intestine, the blood vessels, etc.
Let’s remember that the heart is related to the emotional body. Our emotions are seated in the heart, to put it that way, and that's where the activity comes from.

Dr. Humberto Lema

       The word emotion comes from Latin motiere, which means to set in motion. Desire, emotion, moves us. The practice of Homa Therapy helps us to cleanse the emotional body. If we do only this, we will be able to transcend many imbalances. We know today that conventional medicine, especially psychiatry, prescribes many medications to alleviate and help in coping with suffering and anxiety, depression, etc.
        Through Homa Therapy, what we basically seek is to heal the surrounding environment. If the atmosphere is healed, we also heal ourselves, because each one of us is part of the environment as well.
    I suggest, perform the Agnihotra fire, do it with great dedication, and over the course of a few days you can experience its results.
       A huge and serious problem in public health, especially in Quindío, is the issue of mental health, especially among young people. The evidence of this is the number of suicides that are occurring, child abuse, violence within the Colombian family and the femicides that are reported each day.
We have to quiet our mind, because remember that a crazy mind can make us barbarians. Homa Therapy is a great help in the renewing our mind. And the Agnihotra Fire goes directly to work in the purification of the heart.
Because intentions, hatred, anger, fear, resentment, etc. come from the heart, causing all the suffering that we experience day to day.
      Homa Therapy basically purifies the emotional body. Then the emotions that we have are: Joy, Love, Wellbeing, Compassion, Health.

Homa Therapy is something very simple, very practical, but very punctual and very powerful. It is time to do it in the community and especially with the young people.
     I t is awareness that we need to work on a day-to-day basis.
   Agnihotra and Homa Therapy are perhaps our last chance or opportunity in the therapeutic scale that remains to heal the earth and everything.

(Photo: Juana Fazabi)

Juana Fazabi Panduro
Comunidad Campesinos Castilla
Piura, Peru, South America

         I am 52 years old. Today is the 4th time that I have come to participate in Homa Therapy. My son, Jesus, is 8 years old.       Before coming, I suffered from a strong pain in the shoulders and neck and also I could not sleep.
     I came on Saturday the first time. When I returned home, I fell asleep at 8 o’clock at night and slept until the next day in the morning!  My pains are also reducing.

   My son, Jesus, is a special child. domething happened when he was one-month old. He has also started sleeping earlier. Since the first Agnihotra, he no longer screams. He screamed here that first day, and it was like this at home. But not anymore.

        He always used diapers day and night. But now he does not need them anymore.SHe now goes to the bathroom alone and the diapers remain dry. Now, we leave him without diapers day and night, because he does not want them any longer and does not need them.
 He did not know how to say my name, he only said mama; but today, coming for Agnihotra, he called me “Ana”. He never said anything else, just “Mama” and “Papa”.
He loves to go to the Homa fires. I bathe him before going and he puts on his shoes and wants to go there.
We have seen in these few days what has not been achieved in years. I am inviting now other mothers with disabled children.

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Carmen Maria Salazar Palacios
Peasant Community Castilla
Piura, Peru, South America

         I am 60 years old. I suffered from high blood pressure, dizziness and headache. Due to these problems, I had to take one pill (Enadabril) every day in the morning and one at the night, for 20 years. Still, sometimes I have had to go to the emergency department, because I could not stand the dizziness and pains. There, they crushed the pill and placed it beneath my tongue and even injected me. But with all this I still had the problems.
When I met Homa Therapy 5 years ago, at the Municipality of Castilla, where the Mayor had organized a presentation of Homa Therapy with you, I began to practice it and take its ash 3 times every day with juice. And to this day, even though I have not been constant with its practice, I feel

(Photo: Mrs. Carmen Salazar )

good and I do not take any pill; in spite of what the doctor had told me, that I would have to take this pill for life. My pressure is completely normal. My daughters are my witnesses.
One of my daughters, Ruth, is in the beginning stage of arthritis and could not get out of bed. I took her to a doctor, who only prescribed for her pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory medicine. But she was the same; they did not alleviate her pain.
    Last night, she participated in Agnihotra and I got her 3 tablespoons of Agnihotra Ash in juice before going to sleep. She did not take any pills. She slept well and got up early at 5:00 in the morning to do her therapeutic exercises. Then she swept the floor; (usually she cannot manage the broom).
 Today she has also gone for a walk to the center. I have a lot of faith in Homa Therapy.

Maritza, the other daughter confirms: “This is all true, my mom is not exaggerating.”

Julio Antonio Toala Mendoza
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

      I am 65 years old. I have gone to three or four doctors with my problem. One of them said I had an allergy, another said psoriasis; but later, they said no, it is not that. They did some exams but no diagnosis came out. They gave me a cream, which did not help in anything. My problem began in the cheeks, then extended to the neck, the chest and the belly; all the front parts of the body and then to my back.
      My cousin Konstantine, who practices Homa Therapy, gave me Agnihotra Ash to take every day and to apply it mixed with ghee throughout the body. I had open sores everywhere. In less than a week, we have seen an improvement.
    Now I'm fine.
I also followed your advice not to eat any meat, fish, poultry, any dead animals, but ate more vegetables and grains.

Mr. Toala - Photos: 1) BEFORE Homa treatment

2) one week with Homa treatment

3) and 4) AFTER 3 month of Homa treatment -
Completely Healed!

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Canchones Agricultural Experimental Station
 of Arturo Prat University of Iquique, Chile

 By Carolina Morales Pavez, Agronomist

        During the Spring-Summer season in 2006 - 2007 at the Canchones Experimental Station, belonging to the Arturo Prat University of Iquique-Chile, an experiment was carried out with the cultivation of melon (Cucumis melo, cultivar Arava), under two systems of cultivation: Homa Agriculture and Conventional Agriculture (use of agrochemicals). In this sector, the records under the conventional production system indicate that this crop takes between 5 to 6 months to be ready for harvesting and marketing.
The crop which was managed with Homa Technology received:
1. Weekly applications of Agnihotra ash
2. Weekly applications of Homa bio-fertilizer ‘Gloria’
The observation showed that the Homa harvest started at 4 months, while the harvest with conventional treatment was with 5 months.

      It is interesting and useful to study the influence of the performance of the Agnihotra fire and the applications of its ash on the phenological cycles of the crops and to demonstrate that the continuous performance of Homa Therapy in an orchard shortens the phenological cycles of the plants, being a fundamental tool for crop planning.
                Photographic record of the melon crop during the investigation:

Conventional Treatment        Week 7    Homa Technology Treatment 
Week 11


Homa Treatment


Conventional Treatment


(Continued on page 05)

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 Continued:  Photographic record of the melon crop during the investigation:

Conventional Treatment       Week 11    Homa Technology Treatment
Conventional Treatment       Week 12    Homa Technology Treatment
Conventional Treatment       Week 13    Homa Technology Treatment
Conventional Treatment        Week 16    Homa Technology Treatment
(Continued on page 06)
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Continued:  Photographic record of the melon crop during the investigation:

Conventional Treatment       Week 18    Homa Technology Treatment

       The melon fruit is considered a valuable crop for its sensory characteristics. The color of the pulp, the firmness and the flavor are parameters that define the choice of one fruit or another at the time of consumption, affecting the demand.
    Consumers were interviewed during the same research carried out during the Spring - Summer cycle of the 2006 - 2007 season in the Arturo Prat University in Iquique, Chile.

     The results are according to a sensory analysis that was done with 10 people for both production systems. The following figure shows the approval rating for the Homa fruits being 44% acceptance in the classification of “Very Good”, in contrast with 13% obtained for the fruits produced by conventional treatment. There is a higher approval rating of 50% in the classification of “Good”. It is important to note that for both categories (Very Good and Good), the fruits under Homa Technology was rated with an 82% preference, while those under conventional treatment was rated with 63%.

    It is essential to continue conducting research on the effect of Homa Therapy on plants and agriculture in general, as it could provide fundamental tools for the development of sustainable agriculture and protecting and conserving natural resources.
  Besides, it is proving to be an alternative that is needed today in adapting to climate change, and the production of food in a clean way for a steadily growing human population.

Figure 1: Hedonic scale test for Homa and Conventional treatments.

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The Banana As We Know It Is Dying…Again

 By Nathaniel Scharping | December 27, 2017
   The bananas your grandparents ate were different than the ones you eat today. And the bananas your grandchildren know will probably be entirely different as well.
For the moment, we are in the age of the Cavendish, a

banana cultivar that accounts for 99 percent of imports to the Western world. But the Cavendish is in trouble. Like its predecessor the Gros Michel, the Cavendish may soon pass from our lives, potentially taking with it an entire industry.More info:


Why You Should Probably Never Drink
Bottled Water Again

 Konstantin Stepanov/Flickr
  And 10 facts about the bottled water industry.

The bottled water industry is about as wasteful as they come.

This billion dollar industry is taking something that is essentially free around the world, packaging it, and selling it for profit. And it gets worse.
The bottled water industry is bad for the environment. Nearly 80 percent of plastic water bottles simply become litter in a landfill, creating 2 million tons of plastic bottle waste every year. For more info please see:


Former Facebook exec says
social media is ripping apart society

     Chamath Palihapitiya said he feels “tremendous guilt” about the company he helped make. “I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works. “The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops we’ve created are destroying how society works,” he said, referring to online interactions driven by “hearts, likes, thumbs-up.” “No civil discourse, no cooperation; misinformation, mistruth. And it’s not

an American problem — this is a global problem.” . For more info please see: https://www.theverge.com/2017/12/11/16761016/former-facebook-exec-ripping-apart-society


757 doctor suicides

By Pamela Wible, for The Washington Post
13th January, 2018
High doctor suicide rates have been reported since 1858. Yet more than 150 years later, the root causes of these suicides remain unaddressed.
Physician suicide is a public health crisis. One million Americans lose their doctors to suicide each year.
Many doctors have lost a colleague to suicide. Some have lost up to eight during their career — with no opportunity to grieve.

To read the full article, please enter: https://flipboard.com/@flipboard/-what-ive-learned-from-my-tally-of-757-d/f-f74f2eae3e%2Fwashingtonpost.com

Even small changes within an ecosystem can have detrimental effects

Binghamton University, February 1, 2018
   A mutualistic relationship between species in an ecosystem allows for the ecosystem to thrive, but the lack of this relationship could lead to the collapse of the entire system. New research reveals that interactions between relatively small organisms are crucial to mutualistic relationships in an ecosystem dominated by much larger organisms, including trees and elephants. For more information see:


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       Back in Piura, a city in the North of Peru, we were invited to a Home for Girls, run by Franciscan Nuns.
This meeting was arranged by
 Mr. Vladimir Rodríguez.
The nuns of this center opened their hearts and doors,
 so we could be with 

the children and teens, performing the Homa Fires. We demonstrated, taught and shared the basic Fire of Homa Therapy, Agnihotra. Besides, we also took advantage of the Christmas season to sing and dance, tell and listen to stories and enjoy activities together. Prof. Abel taught simple therapeutic exercises and Yoga to strengthen mind, body and positive emotions.  (Photos this page )

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    It was most enjoyable, each of the three weekly meetings in the orphanage. Our children are the hope for the future of all. We can share quality time with them, teaching by example values such as kindness, forgiveness, and truthfulness. We can assist them in their creativity, understand them in their expressions, and accompany them in their sorrows and pains. Our society needs to find ways to protect its children to achieve a prosperous future at all levels.
(Photos of this page: Sharing activities with the girls of the orphanage.) They receive the Agnihotra Ash and seemingly cannot get enough of it. The Homa volunteers have much to give, just following their desire to serve. Here we see Graciela Urteaga and Sara Rojas.

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If we can offer children a healing environment, as it is created by the continuous practice of the Homa Fires, children are stimulated
 towards the good,
 the healthy,
the just, the real. Agnihotra is an effective tool for a healthy heart, mind and body in order to face an uncertain future. We are leaving as

    our children’s heritage countless environmental, social, political and many other problems. The Homa environment helps them to find
the much needed security, clarity and strength
Photos of this page: Homa Therapy at the girl’s orphanage, under the guidance of Franciscan Nuns. Anyone in any walk of life can practice the Medicinal Homa Fires, regardless of creed, race, sex, social and economic status. Photos below: Girls enchanted with white-bearded Santa Claus playing with them.

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  Children inspire love
and tenderness;
and being with them is like watering our inner garden with noble feelings.
 Dr. Marisol teaches them the Agnihotra Mantras through a story.
Dr. Maritza,
 Mrs. Carola and all Homa volunteers share their unconditional love. 
The Homa Fires are

 such  a beautiful and effective tool!
We also share educational video clips, showing the beauty of Mother Nature in forests, deserts, mountains, wild life,  oceans, and air.
 And we also enjoy
some funny video clips.
(Photos - Agnihotra
under the trees in the yard, nurturing and healing them too.)

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       The couple, Cesar Aguilar Obando and Nancy (photo left), Agnihotris for approximately 1 year, have experienced personally the many benefits of Homa Therapy and are sharing Homa encounters.
           Cesar likes to tell his Homa story to the audience, starting by saying that he has been reborn with Homa Therapy.
   He had experienced a pre-stroke, for which doctors had prescribed pills. Similarly for his problem of hypertension, he had to take one pill every morning and  night for life!

 Thanks to Homa Therapy, he now does not take any pill.
       He goes on to say that in the beginning he only brought his wife to the sessions of Homa Therapy, which were offered for free at the Reategui Hospital in Piura. But seeing her recovery, he also began to participate. In the beginning, his wife, Nancy, could barely walk. She was in a deep depression. She had nervous problems, and had suffered from stress and other diseases. He could see that after a while, attending Homa Therapy daily, she recovered her spirits, walked well, performed again housework and her recovery was nicely on its way.
     Mr. Cesar, as he continues relating, took between 10 and 15 pills every day. But as a result of practicing the Homa Fires and taking the Agnihotra ash 3 times a day, he gradually diminished the intake of the pills. The last one he stopped was for the high BP.      Now he's free of all the pills and feels very good. When he measures his blood pressure, it is completely normal. He also says that his vision has improved. Thanks to the Agnihotra eye drops, he now uses his old glasses that has a lower prescription.
         Likewise, his sister entered Homa Therapy in a very bad state of health.
She too began to practice it and recovered. Now, she is very well and happy.

 Photos of this page: Agnihotra Fires in the Municipal Library of Piura, with Homa volunteers present. The public that frequents the library is invited through posters to participate in the daily free Agnihotra sessions. 

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Homa Therapy provides us with the greatest Christmas gift for all:
 sharing our joy, our love,
 our physical, mental and emotional well-being with family and friends!
Love expresses itself in Service,
and with Homa Therapy
 we can effectively serve
those needing help.

(Photos of this page in the Municipal Library of Piura, where sunset Agnihotra is practiced from Monday through Saturday.)

More and more Agnihotris come together to purify the atmosphere and sow seeds of love.

(Photos: Mr. Theo, Mr. Andrés, Ms. María Jesús, Eng. Carla are newcomers.)

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People who arrive daily for Homa Therapy report after only a few sessions an improvement with their pains, their mood and their ability to sleep; they seem to see life with new eyes. They invite other relatives and friends in need of help, and this way the news of the healing Homa Fire spreads fast.
 We want to THANK the directors of the Municipal Library for their permission and collaboration
to use its various facilities and serve others with
 the Homa techniques,

Photos of this page in the Municipal Library of Piura, where every day new people arrive in search of solution to problems
 which sometimes
 they have had for years.
 Homa Therapy gives them
new hope by experiencing calm, peace
and joy.

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Prof. Abel explains and presents daily the benefits of the practice of Homa Therapy, shows videos or invites the audience to share their personal experiences, responds to questions and doubts and encourages people to practice this simple, effective and economical technique, Agnihotra. (Photos of this page in the Municipal Library.)

141 & 142 / 15



Prof. Abel leads short meditations and conscious breathing, and directs the attendants to assume appropriate physical postures.
People always have the option to chant the Mantra
"OM SHREE" during Agnihotra,
 and feel

 its vibration and light, penetrating every cell of our being, purifying and healing on its way.

   More and more persons are drawn to practice Agnihotra (photos of the new Agnihotris Ms. Carla and student Frank). A group of Homa Therapy promoters is being formed by Dr. Maritza Chávez, Maria Jesus Vasquez and Mr. Javier Cruz. They are moving forward with new ideas on how and where to serve the community with the Homa Medicinal Fires!
 In each step of serving selflessly, we find Divine Grace accompanying us.
(Photos of this page: Agnihotra meetings in the Municipal Library.)

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On Sundays, evening Agnihotra is performed in Mr. Javier Cruz’s (photo below) "Ganimedes" Vegetarian Restaurant.
 He also gives talks about how to improve our health through diet, and
we watch interesting presentations from
 the video library.
 (Photos on the right and below)

  Mr. Wuilliam and Mrs. Julia have volunteered to be responsible for guiding the correct Agnihotra practice in the Farmers Community of Castilla, Piura during the week, Monday through Saturday.
(Photos to the right and below - Agnihotra in the Farmers Community of Castilla.)

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          Two great Warriors of Light are Eng. Hernán Posas and his nephew, Dámaso (photo above),
 the directors of the Joselito Banana Farm, where the Homa Super-Technology is practiced at full speed.
Mr. Andrés Arango, Homa Technician, is in charge of this operation, where several workers take turns, practicing 5 to 8 hours of Tryambakam Homa daily and 24 hours on full- and new-moon, in addition to the basic Agnihotra Fire.

    The people practicing Homa Therapy on this farm and Agnihotris from Piura, who arrived by bus, enjoyed a powerful Rudra Yajnya in the calming environment of the farm.
    Neither a mosquito nor a fly bothered any of us. The air was refreshed and the atmosphere saturated with nutrients and vigor. Prof. Abel explained some guidelines before we started; and with a happy and grateful heart for this opportunity, we began chanting the sacred Mantras of the Rudra Yajnya. (Photos of this page on the Joselito Homa Farm.)

141 & 142 / 18



    The Rudra Yajnya was a wonderful experience that left us relieved physically and purified mentally, and with a happy heart. Then we shared a snack. There was even a little time to enjoy the farm, visit the huts where the Homa Fires are practiced and walk under the leafy banana plants, with their huge bunches and admire their beauty.
    Photos (above) during the Rudra and (below) from the Agnihotra hut; Andrés doing Agnihotra; banana plantation.

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The "Women's Healing Circle" is growing and taking force.
Praying, singing, meditating, chanting Mantras, and performing Tryambakam Homa and Agnihotra Fire are a Divine source to empower and connect women.
We take more awareness of the power of our words, actions and thoughts towards ourselves and others.
(Photos from this page of Women's healing Circles in Piura)

We send Light and Healing to Mother Earth.
We pray for countries in war or under catastrophes, for brothers in need; we connect with our sisters, mothers and daughters of the planet through the heart, our source of love.

We deeply enjoy these meetings where sisterhood, understanding and compassion flourish, where we come to know ourselves ... and where we feel the intense desire to serve,
to be Instruments of Peace and Light.

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We also enjoy circle dances, paint mandalas, find the Divine Feminine within us, read literature that elevates and strengthens us spiritually. Step by step we get to know each other more, love each other more, leave judgement behind.
We feel gratitude and humility in front of the life-changing Homas.

Photos of this page:
Offering dances and sacred songs to Mother Earth, to Peace, to the Divine, painting mandalas and creating them in cloth. Creative and healing activities in the luminous atmosphere of the Homa Fires fills us with true joy and deep gratitude for life and its teachings.

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 Student Dezzling Chaitanya Dante sent these photos (above and to the left) from Nagpur, where Dr. Ulrich Berk delivered a successful presentation on the Scientific Aspects of Agnihotra, at the well-known Research Institute, Neeri. He encouraged his colleagues to participate in Homa research work with their modern technical equipment.


 Diana Molano wrote from Villavicencio, Colombia:
"I want to share the blessings I received on my birthday January 12th.
I celebrated it surrounded by
the love and recognition of the Orinoquia Fire family.
In the morning, my husband, Endir, and I went to perform Agnihotra in the park to give thanks for life and the opportunity
 to live in a Homa atmosphere."

(Photos of the Agnihotra illuminated birthday of Homa promoter Diana Molano.)

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 Raúl Obando, his wife Rocío, and sister-in-law, Marianita, reported about their trip to Chaflú, Esmeraldas:
      "We experienced a celebration of Light, Love, Service and Action when visiting Sofía and her husband, Lucas, at their farm located in Chaflú, province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador. We celebrated Marianitas’ birthday in that environment full of positive Energy and Peace. During the two days we stayed we carried out the Homa disciplines with the practices of the Vyahruti Homa, the Gayatri Mantra, the Mantras at 5 o'clock in the

morning, theTriambakam Homa (which we performed for nine and a half hours), and the respective Agnihotra Fires. We collected cow dung from the neighboring estate and made the Homa patties with the help of Don Gonzalo.
    We observed that during the Homa fires carried out in the Tryambakam hut, Sofías husband, Lucas, stopped trembling despite having Parkinson’s Disease.
     These were two unforgettable happy days, lived intensely with the practice of the Sacred Fires of Homa Therapy."

     Photos of this page from Chaflú. Photo above to the right: As an anecdote, we arrived before 5:00 am in Esmeraldas and found a corner inside the bus terminal to perform the 5:00 am Mantras peacefully. Agnihotra we did outside, just in front of the terminal, in a round plaza called “La Salvedad" (Safety). Although there were policemen and we were surrounded by security cameras, by Divine Grace, nobody disturbed us.

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    The Fire couple, Diana and Endir, share about the Homa activities in Villavicencio, Colombia:

Photo left:
Activity including Agnihotra in the Tchiguatchie Homa House.
Photos below:
At the Los Pinos farm. We did a Vyahruti Homa, followed by Tryambakam to harmonize the sharing and meditation practice with

      'Abuela colibrí'. Grandmother Hummingbird is a therapist and transmitter of ancestral wisdom who also practices the Homa fires. It was amazing to feel the joy of nature
when we scattered the ashes on the land and into the spring water.
The attendees felt very calm and grateful for the opportunity to take care of nature by purifying the atmosphere with the Homa Fires.

Photos on the right and below: At Los Pinos farm on Sunday, December 17th, when we organized a pyramid gathering to heal land and water. Birds and other species from the animal kingdom happily accompanied us with their songs. It seemed like a party when we performed Agnihotra.
The Agnihotra Ash was received by the water and soil.

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    Dianaand Endir continue from Villavicencio:
  These photos (right) are from the opening of the new home of Audo Quezada and his wife, Carola; who are now in a central point so that more people can arrive on Fridays for Homa Therapy.

    The photos (below) are from the Homa meeting to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Agua Luna, House of Yoga and Tai Chi,
of Agnihotri Sandra Monroy and her husband Jaime.
Here,  Sandra started performing the Homa Fire prior to beginning of her classes. She has observed accelerated progress of her students, health benefits for them and increased harmony within the class and with her beautiful pets.

For us, the practice of Agnihotra does not have a holiday and does not get in the way with
 end-of-year or
other festivities.
We were able to take our pyramids to Bogotá with Carmen de Apicala and Choachi (photos right), pto clean the atmosphere and fill it with energies of love. This way we also avoid getting sick, which happened frequently due to the change of water or food. Brotherly and sisterly hugs.
 Om Shree Om.

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     Diana and Endir continue to report on more Homa activities in Villavicencio:
A very affectionate greeting from the whole Homa Fire family of Villavicencio. We share the images of the visit of Maria Teresa Nuñez from the Tenjo Homa Farm, in which she gave us a talk about the Homa Mantras and accompanied us for Agnihotra
 in the Cerro Cristo Rey.
(Photos on this page.)

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A place where spirituality meets Ecology

       Bhrugu Aranya is a blossoming International Ecovillage, the only one of its kind in Poland. Since 1995, our ecological farm has grown into an expanding community of several families with people of all ages, all of whom are dedicated to healing the environment.

At present, 12 adults and 4 children reside here. Residents range in age from 9 to 70, and are an eclectic group, with a wide range of skills including: art, healing, writing, filmmaking, music, therapy, farming, teaching and herbalism. Thanks to the healing environment, the children who have been raised here are incredibly healthy, angelic, intelligent, and connected to Nature.

The atmosphere of this place, a powerful energetic point on the planet, is infused with high vibrations from Ayurvedic fires that are performed daily. This energy radiates to heal the Earth and all life – plants, animals and humans. Here at this special place, sunrise and sunset Agnihotra have been performed daily for 22 years.

In this healing atmosphere, we are able to grow 100% organic vegetables, fruits and herbs that are healthy, highly nutritious, and full of flavour. In addition, these fires have allowed us to create a strong, intentional community where spirituality and ecology meet.

       At our Ecovillage we honour the Devas and Nature Spirits of the gardens, orchard, and land. We have respectfully set aside a Deva Sanctuary. We begin each working day with a Deva attunement, when we ask to work in co-operation with them, to be open to their guidance and wisdom as we work with the plants, trees, soil, animals and honey bees. As we practice this we find that each day our intuition and spiritual connection to Nature deepens. We know that Devas are attracted to the Agnihotra fire. We have been told by an intuitive healer that we would be so amazed if only we knew how many Devas reside here!

      In the ancient Vedic times, humans lived in harmony with Nature, supporting her in every way they could, for all the bountiful gifts she gave. They did this by performing daily Yajnyas. They considered it their duty as stewards, guardians, and children of this planet to perform this daily activity as they were the only living species that could perform fire rituals.

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A place where spirituality meets Ecology

         Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya Community is bringing these ancient practices back into the modern day world to reset the disturbed energy cycle of the planet and help Nature come back into a state of harmony. The effects are miraculous. The water, air, and soil are completely nourished and rejuvenated.
We see this place as a sanctuary for all living things, an Ark of Fire, where all who come here feel that they have arrived home, safe, whole, energized, and nourished.

This is truly a place where Spirituality meets Ecology.

We happily welcome visitors from all over the world to visit our ecovillage, learn Homa Therapy, Homa organic gardening and experience the magic!

Anyone from any walk of life can learn Agnihotra and Homa Therapy, which is always taught for free.

To find out more, please visit our website (In English and Polish):
www.homatherapypoland.org o www.agnihotra.pl

“Ancient sites long since abandoned, hold memories of sacred rituals performed there in the Nature which forms their base—in the soil upon which Holy Beings trod, in waters which carried nutritious rain to the beings living nearby. Trees, mountains—all bear the history of what has come before. When these ancient sacred sites are activated and continually cared for with reverence and in a consistent way, they flourish again.

    At such places, sacred songs and Mantras can be heard in the wind, even without anyone present singing or chanting them. Those energies become alive, activated. Instantly the frequencies are increased and healings occur spontaneously there.

Elqui Valley, Chile. Maheshwar, India. Bhrugu Aranya, Poland. There are many ancient sacred sites, but these three Points of Light form a vortex through which a tunnel of energies is to be released into the atmosphere. These three are sites where the passage into the Next Dimension can be seen, heard and felt on the subtle realms.” ORIÓN

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Part III:

 Believe in your own experience

By Jessica Auza

      As we already know how important it is to purify the air we breathe with Agnihotra and what this extraordinary tool can do for people who live in cities, here we will find the key to attain excellent results.

From the first moment I did Agnihotra I experienced inner changes which quickly and unexpectedly benefited my overall health. This was just one of the reasons why I felt motivated to continue practicing and teaching Agnihotra and Homa Therapy. This practice has transformed every aspect of my life, and the life of thousands of people around the world, for the better.

Agnihotra creates a healing atmosphere, a sort of subtle shelter at home, workplace or wherever it is practiced, but not only that. It also creates a protective shield around the person who regularly performs it, so wherever the person goes, will carry this healing protection with him/her.

Believe what you experience!

One may find it useful to read about Agnihotra and Homa Therapy or listen to other people´s stories. However, one stands to benefit the most from actually, regularly performing Agnihotra and believing in one´s own experience. I certainly belief in mine. After 16 years of daily practice, having studied Business Administration and Finance at University in the United States, worked for over 10 years in the banking industry in Peru and now being happily running my own business, in a nutshell I can say:

 Agnihotra and Homa Therapy is the best deal I have ever heard of. All in all, Agnihotra is a great tool and wonderful material aid for bringing happiness into one's life.

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By Dr. Ulrich Berk

Agriculture: Biodiversity II

      How does Homa Organic Farming help to calm down this „storm on the horizon“, to bring Nature back to Harmony, to restore biodiversity?

Reports from farmers and scientific studies give some answers.

Let us start with an observation Rita and Thomas Hirt made on their Homa Farm in Rippistal, Switzerland. When they started the farm one big problem was that the meadows were widely covered with a tall growing weed, the broadleaf dock (Rumex obtusifolius). A few of these plants are o.k., they can even be used as medicine. But as these meadows are used for cows who graze there in summer and hay is made for winter, it was a problem that large areas were covered by broadleaf dock, making these areas useless.
All neighbouring farmers had the same problem – but they used herbicides to control the broadleaf dock. Not possible on a Homa Farm – and as we have seen this may solve one problem, but create more other problems as it brings Nature more away from Harmony.
Interesting what happened after some time of performing the Homa fires and spraying Agnihotra Ash water: Green dock beetles (gastroidea viridula) arrived in large number and controlled the broadleaf dock.
These beetles were not found on the meadows of neighbouring farms. This is an example how on a Homa Farm biodiversity is restored and automatically beneficial insects arrived. This also reminds on the experience which Abhay Mutalik Desai had on his farm where woolly aphid was controlled by two natural predators - Micromus igorotus and Dipha aphidivora (see Homa Health Newsletter # 136).

Greendock beetles arrive in large numbers.

Finishing broadleaf dock.

     At Palampur Agricultural University (in Himachal Pradesh, India) some groundbreaking studies on Homa Farming were done. The studies were on yield and quality of medicinal plants as well as on soil health. Results were very positive (see Homa Health Newsletter # 136). In addition to that following observations on various aspects of environment (land & biodiversity) were made:
• Spread of White clover (Trifolium repens) (Legumes) & Kikyun (Pennisetum clandestinum) grasses (Soil binder) increased in farm.
• Weeds problem a little bit suppressed.
• Frequency of occurrence of Brahmi (Centella asiatica) increased naturally in farm.
• Birds diversity and their frequency of visit has been increased
• Friendly insects occurrence has been enhanced.
• Robust health of plants, animals and microbes

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Some interesting study on frogs was done at Bhrugu Aranya in Poland by Prof. Dr. Wojciech Puchalski and presented at the conference “Halting The Global Decline in Amphibians”, London 2008. Following an excerpt from the abstract.
      “Earlier experiments had shown significant effects of Agnihotra ash treatment on the structure of algal/macrophyte/invertebrate communities in aquatic microcosms. Then, to assess Agnihotra effects on survival and growth of Rana temporaria tadpoles, freshly hatched ones were placed in water containers with algae, macrophytes and decaying plant debris, with addition of Agnihotra or non-ritual ashes of the same substrate against control tanks, placed each in triplicates at an Agnihotra and an organic farms in Southern Poland.
Agnihotra ash treatment significantly increased growth of tadpoles by 17-32% and reduced their mortality. With non-agnihotra ash the mortality was even higher than in controls. Also, significant differences in final yield of diatoms, filamentous algae, plants and in decomposition of plant debris were found. Agnihotra atmosphere may be responsible for faster development and emergence of frogs. This is consistent with observations of Agnihotra farmers who claim their crops ripe earlier and more simultaneously than in conventional neighbours' farms.
Although the mechanisms of Agnihotra effects on biota are not fully known, some explanations are proposed. Further studies are needed on more endangered species, and on treatment of chytridiomycosis, as Agnihotra ash is often considered an effective remedy against fungal diseases. As many Agnihotra farms are located in or near global biodiversity hotspots, they may contribute to conservation of endangered amphibian populations living there.”

       Recently biodiversity along the river Narmada in India was studied systematically under the guidance of Dr. Shailendra Sharma, Principal, AIMS College in Damnod, Madhya Pradesh. One study was about the bottom fauna of the river – analyzing the number of various types of invertebrates in the mud from the riverbed.
For biological analysis the mud samples stored in bottles were immediately transferred to the enamel trays for sorting and separation of individual organisms from the debris. The bigger animals were picked up by forceps and were counted separately as number/m2. The small animals were isolated by centrifugation, sieving and floatation.

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Near the Homa Therapy place there is a very significant increase of all different types of invertebrates – from plus 42% to plus 300%!
     A second study examined the number of different butterflies at three stations along the Narmada River. 32 different species of butterflies were counted at these three places. One of these places was the Homa Therapy Centre near Maheshwar – and here an average increase of 68% was observed!
Really astonishing is that in all the different species, the number at this Homa place was highest.

One observation many people have made who came to Homa Farms or other Homa Therapy places the first time: The number of different varieties of birds astonishes them. But that has not yet been scientifically studied – will be good if some ornithologists look into that matter!

Many butterflies near Homa Therapy Goshala in Maheshwar, India

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(Received by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg in meditation)

             These are the times foretold in Bible, in ancient holy texts from all religions.

These are times of great darkness and times of great illuminating Light.
Keep your focus on the Light.
Be aware of the darkness, vigilant in face of danger.
But always focus on the Light.

The greatest tool has been given you, the FIRE.
The power to heal, to cleanse and purify air, water, soil—
all this in simple Agnihotra.

Now more than ever, refuse to be drawn into conflict, fear or anxiety.
Always, in light of the fire, solutions will be found.

Every thought is known, expressed or not expressed.
Every call is heard.

Never at any time are you to feel alone.
Once the hand is held, it is always so.

Walk in Light.
Be unburdened.

All Our love and blessings always be with you.

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(received through Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Ways to Contribute to Change
Yes, yes. Indeed, as politics becomes like the theatre of the absurd, one must realize the answers do not lie in the political realm.

However, we do not advocate non-action or apathy, which stems from a feeling of powerlessness. One shall neither be consumed by one's passion nor rendered ineffective due to the lack thereof.

Indeed, there is a myriad of ways in which humans can be effective in contributing to change. There are those who will go to the front lines and maintain their presence, despite various blockades and hurdles to override. There are others who will form a line of Light working in the subtle realm via intense prayer, via in-depth work with elements of Nature and with interplanetary assists. Indeed, there are many more on the side of Light.

Do not fall into disdain or blame for those who walk another fork of the great sacred path. All whose aims are true, whose hearts are pure will support and balance each other in this multi-faceted Light Work.
Darkness, dear ones, can only beget darkness.

Strive to embrace all that is Light.
Maintain peace within your hearts.
For indeed, in the eyes of Almighty—no matter what name of Almighty your songs revere—All are One.
All are One.
All are One. OM.

On Refusing to be Silenced
    EIn the world, what happens to one happens to all, or is experienced by all to varying degrees.

To those who are extra sensitive, every extreme act of kindness as well creates a healing balm which has a ripple effect that is like a blanket of love unfolding across the globe.

Heinous crimes, crimes against humanity, horrific mass murders and such also create a dense energy field of darkness, creating despair and desperation across the planet.

Therefore, it would behoove those of this planet Earth to sow seeds of loving kindness and weave this majestic tapestry that spans the globe.

We see the overriding emotional response of the masses, many silenced by their own fear of not being heard or their sense of powerlessness. What can one voice do to be heard? Come together. Let all the voices of love, equality, trust, compassion and understanding ring out loud and clear. Refuse to be silenced.

Rest assured, these voices will be heard. The forces of darkness on this planet can and will be overcome.

Walk in Light. OM.

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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