Piura, Peru, 21st of June 2003

Message from Shree

AGNIHOTRA fire, which is basic to HOMA THERAPY, protects oneself from negative energies. It should be practiced twice a day for maximum benefit. IT sets up a healing cycle and creates a protective layer around the person and his family.

AGNIHOTRA soothes the nervous system and relieves tension on the mind.

Answers given to today's very dilemmas are in the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud, in the Vedas. All future was foretold. These truths cannot be denied. They can be found in ancient HOPI prophesies, in ancient scriptures of every tongue. Yet human beings do not pay heed to these truths.

Great Saints and Prophets have come before and have come again and still human beings do not listen.

Listen now before it is too late.

As the light is delivered into the Universe, all hatred will cease. All suffering will cease. All violence and threat of violence will cease, and in the end, as in the beginning there will be peace, bliss and prosperity for all.