Lima, January 21, 2003

This is a time in history when people are aligning themselves with good or evil. That is to say that there is like a split in the Earth and this leaves no middle ground. One has to choose LIGHT or DARKNESS. Many will leave the planet in next few years. There are less and less choices about which direction in which to steer your life! The pulls will be greater in either way but there is only one choice, up or down. Those committed to spiritual path now will feel an even stronger pull to rise HIGHER. The pull from the negative energies will have less and less affect until there is not even a pinch from it. The greater the pull from Divine, the quicker is the disciple's ascent. This applies to those on a true spiritual path.
Those who have a tendency towards a more self-indulgent, materialistic lifestyle, but who are good of heart, will also feel a pull toward the LIGHT.
Whether or not they attend to that pull depends from one case to the next, based on karma. 
Those who are already aligned with negative energies or dark forces will be more and more pulled down. We don't even want to talk about it. We also do not focus on that. FEAR takes the focus from the LIGHT and puts it on the dark. Then what happens is it impedes one's progress. Think of it as you are climbing higher up a ladder and you are focused skyward. You are moving quickly. You can feel something cold below you and you turn to see what it is. You feel fear about it, so you take a lantern and lower it to have a look while still climbing. What happens? If you are not focused on the LIGHT ahead of you, yet still you move toward the Light, you simply move slower. Sometimes if FEAR takes over, it can cause one nearly to fall, but because GRACE operates it intervenes and you continue to rise. So best to keep clarity and focus so that the ascent is only quickened by these very powerful times.
All love and blessings be with all of you. OM TAT SAT.