By Shree Vasant Paranjpe

28 November 2002
Maheshwar, M.P. INDIA


The end is near. Total destruction of the planet is imminent. This can be stopped. It is not yet too late. Listen now. Agnihotra pyramid fire produces an electrifying effect on the atmosphere with Agnihotra ash. Based on ancient wisdom we share the following with all who care for the benefit of the world.


Due to pollution, a change in the nuclear structure in plants makes it impossible for humans to extract nutrients necessary for survival unless plants are grown in Agnihotra atmosphere with Agnihotra ash. Then the plant defies change and maintains its place in the balance of nature.

Plants are starving. Nutritional value of edible plants decreases. Medicinal potency of plants becomes poor. Quality of soil becomes poor unless nourished by HOMA Therapy Farming.

The structure of plants will change. The amount of chlorophyll the plant is able to produce is impeded by concentration of pollution in industrial areas.

For the most part, even the soil is impure for growing healthy crops. Soon you will find gardens yielding nothing but weeds.

Forests will disappear because of man, but not because they are cut; instead they are choked to death due to lack of nutritional content in air and soil.

Roots of trees will grow upwards due to a lack of nutrition in the soil and they will starve to death. Trees will be uprooted due to deterioration of minerals in the soil. Trees will begin warping in the ground due to intense atmospheric pollution. Mild winds will begin to uproot trees. This will terrify the people. In extremely fertile areas trees will just fall over and plants will not grow. When the scientists test the soil they can find no reason except that a small percentage of some elements are missing, as well as some trace elements. Radiation from the bowels of the earth causes it. It is the law of reap as you sow operating. It is inviolable. It is unavoidable and by Grace we have come on this planet to take you out of the clutches of death.

Everything now points to destruction and everything in nature gets mixed up. We should not be shocked if the plants instead of breathing carbon dioxide begin to breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

Scientists will find a new substance in the soil which is presumably foreign to Earth, i.e., they will not be able to trace the origin of this substance. 

They will find it is harmful to plants and destructive to crops. Particles will be seen floating in the air. Their chemical makeup will not be traced so easily. 

Crops get planted once, twice, thrice and nothing grows, not even weeds. Farmers, listen to what we have been telling. It is accurate, precise.

Unless HOMA is done on farms and in gardens now, a certain hybrid worm will come and destroy the crops by eating the roots. The only poisons that will stop them are the ones that are harmful to man. Agnihotra HOMA is the way out. 

The rain forests suffer now. Yajnyas will revive them quickly though. This will be a big shock to the scientists.

Can you imagine a worm coming up in the plants through the vascular system? It deteriorates the walls of the veins of the plants and they die. Once these insects have infested an area there is little possibility of getting rid of them. Instead of becoming richer, the soil becomes poorer because the plants are not allowed to complete their normal reproduction and growth cycle, thereby inhibiting the feedback from the plant to the soil with normal amounts and concentrations of elements. Practice of HOMA Therapy Farming as given through the Vedic science of YAJNYA is the way out of this. 


Important change is now taking place in earth's atmosphere. Insects will be dying from noxious gas poisoning. Certain insects are necessary.

What do we do with all the pests and rodents when they begin to multiply? Their reproduction cycle is reduced due to mutations caused by pollution. They are able to withstand extremes in temperature. What do we do about it? HOMA Therapy Farming, mass practice of Agnihotra, and the use of Agnihotra ash are the answer. Agnihotra ash is the savior.


Plankton is now radioactive in some parts. Fish are dying. Fish cannot breathe. Gills become clogged with debris and chemicals floating in bodies of water. They begin to suffocate. When fish start dying in areas such as the California coast, poisoning will be the apparent reason. But scientists will find no trace of any poison in their bodies. Greater amounts of normal elements such as nitrogen, potassium, chlorine and iodine will be found. It will appear that the metabolic rate increased to such a point that things just exploded from pressure. If HOMA Therapy is practiced on a large scale, the atmosphere is healed and the water resources get purified, leading to better absorption of sun's rays. This brings nature back into harmony. 


Gases start leaking from the core of the earth. Practice of HOMA Therapy will heal the atmosphere and reduce the harmful effects.

Clouds in many parts of the world are seeded with hydrocarbons and other toxins due to pollution. Only way to negate this is the practice of HOMA Therapy on a large scale whereby the atmosphere is automatically healed. 

Counteractive elements produced by sulphur dioxide, in the atmosphere create a film which we must breathe. Now scientist will look for more solutions to the massive attacks of bronchial ailments, particularly in children. The air we breathe must be considered precious to us. We disregard it and pollution takes its toll. In a land where technology has replaced instead of aided man's technical know how, we abuse and misuse our natural resources to the extent that they now in turn abuse us. It is only the law of KARMA, the law of reap as you sow taking effect. The cycle is very cumbersome yet nothing is unfair. It is simple law of physics in action on the human plane. 

Cyanide gases and radioactive particles are released from the earth's core. Certain formations of bituminous coal cause poisonous gas to form beneath the surface of the earth. Then fissures causes death and disease. If HOMA Therapy is practiced on a mass scale the atmosphere gets healed automatically. 

Clouds that have been seeded for rain are going to poison the Earth. Science and governments must be warned. It is stated in YAJURVEDA that we should get rain by practicing YAJNYA; we should grow crops by practicing YAJNYA.


In the near future science will not be able to recognize the chemical valence of many substances. So much change is taking place. Elements of nature are changing now. Soon you will have to go to science of Yajnya to tell you how to save the planet. The rate of movement of protons, neutrons and electrons in various states is beginning to change due to pollution. All of creation is undergoing a change in structure. This is how elements are fusing and becoming totally new elements, causing so much turmoil. Agnihotra Homa is the way out. Then all returns to normal state. 

Potassium and nitrogen fuse. Some magnetic like effect is involved here. The scientist should get curious. This is like forming a new element that is bad and it has an adverse effect on our atmosphere. Fusion comes form weakness in their composition caused by pollution. This sounds incredible but it is true. Hence healing the atmosphere through YAJNYA is the answer. If HOMA Therapy is practiced on a mass scale this automatically happens. 

Metals fuse. Cadmium is a great factor in the breakdown of soil composition with regard to its ability to sustain life. Cadmium and barium have fused, causing extreme pollution in those areas and creating a hazardous effect all over the planet. Then come extremely poisonous fumes. Thus totally a new substance is made that defies many laws of chemistry. Children in these areas may go deaf. If YAJNYA is performed things will be back to normal. 

Barium, cadmium, oxygen fuse forming a new metal, a new element. Only way out is to perform Agnihotra on a mass scale, as given by Shree. Barium, cadmium and carbon fuse, the catalyst being nitrogen. Gases given off by chemical reaction are poisonous. 

Barium, cadmium, nitrogen fuse. Elements plutonium and uranium change structure, causing massive explosions in areas of concentration of this planet. 

Barium becomes more profuse in certain reactions with chemicals that reflect some higher viscosity. Barium gas begins to react with some man-made chemical, causing deleterious effect on environment. This may affect pregnant women in the area. 

The element titanium begins to have a shift in nuclear balance which sets off a series of reactions, causing the earth to tremble in these areas. If HOMA Therapy, of which Agnihotra is the base, is practiced, everything in nature moves in harmony. 

Where industrial wastes have been carelessly disposed of, barium and cadmium become catalysts and cause change in the genealogical structure of man. Thus many new mutations will be found in newborns.

Scientists find there is an indication of a very important mineral that had disappeared over the years due to pollution. The mineral can be made by chemical reaction that takes place in the atmosphere under special astrological conditions. Here YAJNYA happens to be the catalyst. 

Radioactivity of certain elements changes. This effect is coming from other planets from other solar systems. Science begins to panic about it. Cadmium is a big factor in fusion of elements. What is elongation of space? Science begins to panic about it. How can this be corrected? Science must go into YAJNYA now. There is no more time. Let all governments be alerted. Destruction is imminent. Help the world out of this misery. Help science investigate YAJNYA. If it works then endorse it. Even though it is ancient it works. 

Fissures in the atmosphere. Thoughts like this have not crossed the minds of scientists. Now you will witness it. Fissures in the atmosphere cause seepage of radiation.
This will affect children's eyes, leading to blindness. 

YAJNYA is the prevention and also cure. Practice of HOMA Therapy automatically purifies the atmosphere and brings harmony in nature. 


Water resources on earth are finding it difficult to absorb energy from the sun. This will result in depletion of marine life and imbalance in nature. This will take its toll in terms of natural disasters like floods, earthquakes. 

Polluted water will be seen in areas where industry does not exist.
Poisonous water supplies will be found in many areas now. 

Chemical analysis of water will expose certain amounts of semi-poisonous substances form the earth's surface. Pollution is the cause. 

Water should be purified before drinking in nearly all parts of the world. 
Fresh water supplies are slowly becoming pools of pollution. 

Water pollution now takes its toll in rich as well as poorer countries. No water is relatively save to drink now. Soon we will find kits on sale for purifying the water we drink. However, kits available to purify the air will be in far greater demand. These will be Agnihotra copper pyramid fire kits tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset. 

Turbulence begins in the waters of the Pacific, something like an undersea tunnel. Scientists cannot explain what it is. It is a result of robbing the earth of its natural resources and this is the price we must pay. 

Each time it rains more filth is brought down to the earth's surface. This leads to more pressure on all the minds. Here YAJNYA healing helps. HOMA Therapy and Agnihotra ash improve the quality of water and make it potable. 


Cancer-causing bacteria will be found in soil. Radioactive particles will be found in soil in such places as Midwest U.S. Fusing of metals leads to breakdown of composition of soil with regard to ability to sustain life. Composition of nutrients in soil deteriorates. In the beginning it is difficult to determine the impact it will have on food supply. Later on it can be. In places like Pittsburgh it can be seen easily what is happening. Pollution is the disease. HOMA Therapy is the cure. Practice of HOMA Therapy replenishes the nutrients that are robbed from our environment by pollution. 


Let all weather bureaus note that the changes in the atmosphere will have an effect on cloud formations, on world tropics, on seasonal changes, on human mind. Circular movements are increasing around the globe, causing extreme disturbance in our weather. 

The thermal degree of atmosphere surrounding the globe becomes erratic. Climate changes. Pollution causes variations in temperature and brings diseases in its wake. The sun passing through the ozone filter becomes poisonous. Direct sun should be avoided during certain hours of the day. Nature has been pillaged by man and now she cries out in response in the form of earthquakes and other natural disasters. There is no way out. Performance of Agnihotra and practice of Fivefold Path negates effect of pollution and gives nutrients to all of nature. 

Part of ice cap breaks off at North Pole due to extreme change in climate, causing much damage. Tidal waves, destruction of land through all means may be expected.
Time is running out.

The chill of winter turns into hot of summer. The seasons intermingle, placing a great burden on the normal functioning of nature. The sap will not know in which direction to flow.

Some disturbance is occurring in the Pacific. A navy research team discovers this from U.S. and reports some big whirlpool thing that is sucking ships that pass through this area on their course. It is linked to pollution on earth and some disturbance on the moon.

Terrific climatic changes on the planet due to pollution affect all mankind and make people miserable. It is as though people are being squeezed from all sides. Agnihotra brings relief. Mass practice of HOMA Therapy will bring nature back into harmony.


Certain birds become extinct and the governments from the countries where this happens will be alarmed as there is no rhyme or reason for it. Birds find shelter in Agnihotra pyramid Homa.

Sun is now being filtered through ozone layer in such a way that it dries up the oil in birds feathers, prohibiting or limiting flight. 

Feathers begin to fall of the birds. When scientists examine they will tell that birds appear burnt. This is from pollution. 

You will find thousands of birds of one kind around places where YAJNYA is practiced. They seek these places for refuge, for relief. Listen to the birds. Birds immediately become attracted to Agnihotra pyramid fire. HOMA Therapy places become refuge for birds.


Animal species are being destroyed by impure air and water. 
From fish to cattle, all animals feel the pollution and begin mating in wrong or hybrid fashion. This leads to disease and animals become carriers of disease. They become disoriented to their environment, unable to cope and act normally.
Man does also, but it becomes evident in animals first.

Animals are suffering tremendously from downward pressure on earth resulting from pollution. Delays in reproductive cycles of some animals cause some species to become extinct.

House pets will soon be having mental disorders. Owners will feel like love psychiatrists for their pets. Household pets will begin to act crazy. The thoughts of a person have a great impact on an animal. 

Animals are now terribly affected by the weather and constant flux between warm and cool. There is so much tension in the air.

Cats and dogs will go crazy. They will huddle around Agnihotra pyramids. It is their only means of relief from the pressure caused by pollution.

Cows suffer, leading to milk spoilage. If you bring the cows to a place where HOMA Therapy is practiced they will thrive and feel safe.

Diseased soil will transmit cancer to pigs. All cattle will carry poisons into systems of those who slaughter them for food. All the meat humans consume will start to be extremely dangerous to eat. All forms of red blood animals used for food are causing cancer on a large scale. 

Scientists will discover foreign antibodies in blood of animals. It is no longer safe to eat meat. Let people turn to organic gardening with use of Agnihotra and grow their food as was intended. HOMA Therapy Farming will produce abundant, disease-free food. 


Space shrinkage has already begun. It is the cause of all the disorders, disharmony being experienced now. This leads to planetary malfunction and much danger and disease in the world. With space shrinkage Earth begins to crumble. If space shrinkage gets worse planets collide. Whole universe undergoes change. 

When space appears to be closing, more and more mental disorders become prevalent. It becomes frightening.

When space shrinkage gets worse it will appear as though the planet is spinning differently. Earth's atmosphere is caving in, solar systems and time are exploding. Endless cycles of nature are disturbed by man's disregard of nature. The law of reap as you sow operates. This is the law of KARMA and Grace. 

The answer is to fill all the spheres with Love. Agnihotra and HOMA Therapy are great material aids to fill all the atoms with Love. 


What modern science calls Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) can tell the scientist a few things about life stuff if it is looked at by ancient methods. Here again YAJNYA is a catalyst for harmonious functioning of life. If due to pollution DNA, the life stuff changes to TNA (Trioxyribonucleic acid) all life will start to dysfunction. The way to set things right is by performance of Agnihotra. DNA changing to TNA means all metabolism changes; all life changes; mutation from genetic damage becomes profuse. The way to guard against this is by bioenergy, biogenetics as given through the science of YAJNYA given in Vedas. 


Scientists of the world, please keep your instruments tuned to record the disturbances in the atmosphere due to rays form other planetary systems.
Now the time has come for this planet. It is on the threshold of extreme disaster.
New light will come. Science will determine the final stages of man.

The world is heading for destruction. It appears that the forces are beyond control. Sands of time are running out. However, the planet can be saved if scientists care to investigate the science of YAJNYA given through Vedas.

Scientists will soon discover new interplanetary weapon devices.

Satellites will be seen near Mars. Different types of planets from other solar systems will be discovered. It will blow to smithereens all previous assumptions about life on other planets. These life forms are so far advanced. Some things will be given by them in terms of Vedas as a solution to our dilemma caused by pollution. They may choose a child on earth to have this knowledge revealed in the not too distant future. It will sound so practical; many scientists will be alarmed that they have been so ignorant. This book about Homa Therapy methods of manipulating subtle energy is a step in the direction of the same Vedic knowledge. 

Surface on Earth's moon is changing, having a deleterious effect on the people of our planet. Actually, it is not only mind that it affects in man but also biological functioning of all life on the planet. 

Messages start coming more now from other planets.

Not only does life exist on other planets, but some of these are higher Life forms. They are becoming greatly disturbed by our actions that have created so much pollution throughout all of creation and our unwillingness, for the most part, to do anything about it. 

Some interplanetary struggles are now going on about the growing problems of pollution on this planet and its effect on all creation. We might see wars between planets in the not too distant future. It all sounds like science fiction but it is absolute truth. Entities form other planets will also make themselves manifest on earth soon. Vedic MANTRAS will begin coming from more developed areas. Children, be alert. You are being given Divine knowledge. SHRUTI (VEDAS)

Rings around other planets are causing magnetic pull on Earth, causing Earth to go out of its natural rotation around the sun. At the same time the Earth veers much more toward the sun and it means total destruction for the planet. The way to save the planet is to practice YAJNYA purification in a big way.

Uranus and Jupiter are out of balance, causing a flood of negative energy on Earth that brings famine and disease in its wake.

The planet Uranus takes something from this planet. It is a MANTRA. Life on Uranus relays a message back from the Mantra it received. It is the VYAHRUTI Mantra. A ring begins to form around Uranus. This has deleterious effects on Russia. If they take to HOMA Therapy Farming on a mass scale this effect could be much reduced; also they will be able to get out of the situation where food production is becoming less.

We would like to remind you that around Chernobyl, site of the nuclear power plant accident, the insects have not died. They have become radioactive. They will multiply and create havoc.
There is no way to stop them except Agnihotra Homa Therapy. SCIENTISTS PLEASE EXAMINE CAREFULLY WHAT WE ARE TELLING YOU. We would also like to state that due to seepage of radiation, people near Chernobyl will get sores on the body that begin to ooze. This will crate panic. Much pressure will be put on scientists and the medical profession to come up with solutions. They have no way out but to come to us. We will offer our services with humility and Love. Here again Agnihotra and Agnihotra ash healing will work. 

Space technology is now going to advance beyond compare. We want to remind the scientist to note that collisions in space cause atomic reactions. Mantra creates a subtle field of energy we cannot describe scientifically as yet. Scientists will know this subject more when they will record foreign energy bodies containing light from other planets.

IF SCIENTISTS NOW LISTEN TO WHAT WE ARE TELLING, THE COURSE OF HISTORY WILL TURN. Now is the time to approach the scientists with Agnihotra, YAJNYA and HOMA Farming.

Major discoveries in the energy field will soon be made. However, there will be greater difficulty detecting the energy body as radioactivity as the determining factor gets reduced. 

The planet Mars has high forms of life on it. It begins to influence our planet in many ways. 

There is another planet that will soon be found to orbit Saturn. 

Astronomers will begin to see explosions taking place on the surfaces of Mercury and Saturn.

Vedic Mantras gear and maneuver these planets. They actually cause them to orbit in another solar system around another sun. 

Changes in solar system soon baffle science. Planets changing position, changing rotation, disappearing, exploding. What next? It may be that the sun begins to orbit around another planet, burning it up.

Scientists will soon know more about astronomy. When Jupiter is to explode it will be saved by Grace. The newspapers will carry the story as a miracle. 


Earth is shifting. Magnetic fields go wrong. No explanation. This will bring chaos. HOMA Therapy atmosphere is the way out. Quickly the people must be told. 

Electromagnetic fields are changing, causing disturbance in communication on the planet. Communications become difficult due to pollution. It will soon appear that on a large scale things do not seem to work properly. Agnihotra atmosphere is the way out. It clears up thought pollution.

Pollution on this planet is affecting others in our solar system. Interplanetary communication is taking place now. Interplanetary projections are likely to cause breakdown of communications facilities on this planet as pollution on this planet is great.

Gravitational structure of the earth is changing. YAJNYA (HOMA) atmosphere brings back the original rhythm. 


Research in the field of nuclear radiation yields more information about the planet's destruction than any other field of research.

The rotation of the sun around this planet is beginning to change. This will cause change in climate in certain predetermined areas and also will start a wave of natural disasters.

The angle of refraction of sun's rays is also important. As it is, the earth's angle on which the axis of the earth lies is changing. As the change becomes greater it will affect the situation of the planet regarding disease. For instance, as the angle of refraction of sun's rays becomes greater it strikes the depleting ozone layer and subsequently the earth's incidence of disease will increase. By Mantra and performance of HOMA on a mass scale the rotation of the planet and the angle of refraction of the sun's rays will again return to the exact degree intended and hence the sun's rays will become healing instead of detrimental. 

Earth is shifting now. Some continents come together, some apart, some are lost.
Whole makeup of planet is changing by Grace.

Earth's crust becomes thick due to time space shrinkage. 

More climatic disturbance is expected as earth shifts more on its axis. Around Madison, Virginia it becomes warmer. 

Shift in surface area of earth causes turbulence in ocean off eastern coast of South America. The sea begins to rake at the shoreline with tidal waves and hurricanes.
If YAJNYA is practiced on a large scale this misery could be reduced.

Earth is veering more toward sun, but atmospheric currents deceive astronomers. They must be warned. Of course by Grace it will be kept away.

Can you imagine the planet itself separating from the atmosphere as if they were two separate parts and they were coming unglued? That is exactly the situation. 

Meteors hurled at earth will cause much damage in areas of Africa. No place on earth is safe from the pillage of pollution. 
Some unusual band of light forms around the seam known as the equator. Strange phenomena are taking place within the Earth's core.

A shell is forming around the earth. It means disaster. Caution.
More people should practice HOMA Therapy and so YAJNYAS now.

Just at the equator near South America the earth begins to split due to pollution. Some scientists become aware of this due to disappearance of some ocean going vessels. They do not want to start panic so they do no say anything in public. By Grace they find it fused again. This is due to proper performance of Yajnya. Stranger than science fiction.

Change in the orbit of the planet causes a solar eclipse which proves detrimental to habitation in Chile. The way to prevent negative effects is to perform YAJNYA in a big way in Chile. The people of Chile have started this already. It is ever so slight but there is a change in the rotation of the planet on its axis. It is somewhat speeded up because of pollution. Soon it will be more exaggerated and the basis of our clock (time) and calendars will no longer be valid. What have we done to our beautiful planet with technology, with our thoughts?
We have forgotten; now it is reap as you sow.

Finally, we would like to inform science and governments that lasers of light are being beamed to this planet from other planets in other solar systems. This is the only way to describe the phenomena with the limitations of language. These lasers are injecting a message into our atmosphere, causing change. The change is beneficial because some higher form of life is transmitting certain special Vedic Mantras that are seeding out atmosphere with vibrations of love. This is done under the direction and command of SHREE GAJANAN MAHARAJ. Those who are ready will hear. Those who have love in them will be gathered and protected. The earth is on the brink of disaster, destruction.
It was SHREE GAJANAN MAHARAJ who resuscitated the knowledge of Homa Therapy to save the planet.