December 24th, 2003

Message to atmosphere is being given now through seed Mantras, through RUDRA YAJNYA. Through great efforts of those who have gathered here. Those humans and those of the Devic Kingdom.
We have now to intensify our efforts and place much more focus on the LIGHT AT THIS CRUCUIAL TIME.
Self development begins with a thorough investigation of "who am I?" "what am I here for?" How can I overcome my addictions, attitudes and mental blockages in order to fulfill my VIKARMA?
You can choose to be happy or choose to be sad. You can choose misery over joy or joy over misery. When you really realize this one point you will begin to utilize the tools given to you to make positive choices.
One can expend so much energy, valuable energy on talking. If it is meaningful conversation it is excellent. But so much of the interaction between people is wasteful.
Always think is it useful? Is it helpful? Is it clear communication? Is it gossip? Is it necessary? One can be extremely spontaneous and full of joy and yet not fall into the trap of meaningless chatter.
Intellect can be a stumbling block on the spiritual path. In all other areas the intellect is revered. On the spiritual path it is seen only as a means for understanding but quickly one can move beyond it, even beyond 'understanding". And beyond 'compassion' also. Though compassion is a wonderful state one has to move beyond that. A DIVINE BEING is not feeling Compassion or feeling Love. HE IS THAT. There are no separations, no 'I' save the ONE. One has to reach a point where nothing else will fulfill his hunger than the presence of the Almighty.
This is a point where temptation is not so strong as before, where desires are easily seen for what they are and the longing for the ALMIGHTY is stronger than any other impulse.