November, 7th, 2004, Piura, Peru

Message from Shree Vasant for the "AGRO-ECO-HOMA" Festival in PIURA, PERU

In the last days many, many will come to HOMA farms across the globe for REFUGE. In the last days all around will be chaos. At places of fire there will be harmony. Let us work towards that aim. Let us see the bridges and not the roadblocks to PEACE within and all around us, locally and globally.

We are running out of time. This planet is in line with new changes to come. We know the situation and this is the reason why the HOMA THERAPY work is intensifying now.

From wherever we are, if we look through our own backyard, we may not see the bigger picture. If we move beyond our own point of view to a view which encompasses all of humanity we will realize our own small details are nothing in light of what others experience on this very same planet. So let us be grateful for all that.

Man has gone awry. His creations, his great industry and colossal empires will crumble and then he will come to know what is DIVINE and not until then. Until man realizes that he is not the Almighty he will remain separate from ALMIGHTY. The moment he humbles himself and bows before ALMIGHTY he will begin to become ONE with that POWER.

In times of Jesus there was a great vision of LIGHT and manifestation of the FIRE.
FIRE was used to cleanse every temple and was placed upon every altar in every temple. If you look into history, deep into it, you will find that.

AGNIHOTRA is the 'sacrifice' foretold by Archangel GABRIEL in vision given to Daniel (Daniel 8:26 New English Bible). Agnihotra has tremendous potential to heal humans, animals, birds, plant kingdom, etc. (Pl. refer to
Those who work in the field of environment and ecology will find AGNIHOTRA pyramid fire tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/ sunset to be greatest material aid for happy living.

To cure emotional imbalance best medicine is Agnihotra because if you set up a rhythm of sunrise sunset fires, the body becomes balanced, particularly the nervous system. Agnihotra is the best antidote. Also best to take Agnihotra ash three times daily.

Any time you feel stress one can sit for these healing fires and breathe in the smoke from these fires and that will alleviate it. Someone else can be performing the fire. It does not matter.

Fear contracts muscles, it tightens everything in the body and goes against the very therapy trying to reduce the stress. So treat FEAR as uninvited guest, say "No thank you. I am not interested." Fear has the effect of weakening the whole system.

There will be new strains of diseases spreading. At the same time there will be old ailments resurfacing but with conflicting symptoms defying age old cures. All of this, those of you who are practicing Agnihotra, will be immunized from.

Agnihotra is food which nourishes all the cells of the body.

One can go deeper into meditation particularly at the times of sunrise/ sunset Agnihotra. Concentration, contemplation, meditation. One can not expect to close ones' eyes and be in that state of MEDITATION. One needs to begin first to focus on the flame of the fire, on a MANTRA repeated in the mind or on the lips, on the sound or NAME or on the sound of ones' own breath. Once the mind begins to focus it achieves the next stage of CONTEMPLATION. Continue. In this way the mind is slowly quieted; thoughts drift away. ONE BEGINS TO ENTER THE STATE - NOT THE ACT - OF MEDITATION.

It is during this state of meditation that the body and mind become rejuvenated. Studies have been done that prove the heart rate slows down, breathing becomes calm. This has a positive effect on stabilizing blood pressure, soothing nerves, helping people who have trouble sleeping at night or for whom breathing is normally burdened.

Meditation assists in mental and emotional disorders, stomach and nervous disorders. It also assists children who have difficulty focusing and paying attention in school.

Agnihotra creates the perfect atmosphere conducive to MEDITATION by removing the stress of atmospheric pollution on mind and body.

The planet is on the brink of disaster. From a practical standpoint let us try to become more self sufficient.

Let us grow our own food by HOMA organic method without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, etc. It has been proved on a large scale that if you do not use agrochemicals then you can produce larger quantities per hectare with better taste, texture, disease resistance, nutritional value and longer shelf life.

Let us start producing HOMA nursery seeds, learn how to stock them and trade them among HOMA organic farmers.

If you own land try to buy adjoining bordering land as much as possible for HOMA organic agriculture.

Learn to store grains for six months at a time. Use of Agnihotra ash in stored grain will be of much help. Also store matches, any emergency care items and WATER. THIS IS FOR PROTECTION ONLY and not out of fear.

The world is standing on the precipice of destruction. IN THE LAST MOMENT THIS PLANET WILL BE SAVED. All the ecological calamities which have befallen this planet are necessary for earth's evolution. Man has gone so far astray from the course of NATURE that in order to even maintain the present state of Ecobalance great changes have to occur. The present state of this planets' Ecosystem is simply unacceptable if we want to see a future race. That means, Earth is in a state of Peril.

We are working with the power of a lion, the might of a warrior and the GRACE OF DIVINE. Wherever these Holy Fires are performed GRACE unfolds.